Hot Plate PID Controller

15 Aug , 2015  

Arduino PID Controller

Low and slow cooking requires precise control of temperature and time. Instead of having to do the controls manually, here’s a little electronics project to precisely achieve a preset temperature over the time: a Hot Plate PID Controller.



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root galaxy s3 on mac

21 Jul , 2013  

Android Download screen

This a quick way to root galaxy s3 on mac,tested with android 4.1.2 or better and with the international version of the phone.


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Convert books into PDF taking photos of pages

20 Oct , 2012  

an iPad is mounted for taking photos to convert a book into a searchable PDF

Convert books into PDF taking photos of pages and processing them into a searchable digital backup copy of  that you can take anywhere.


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Make PCBs with toner transfer: the laminator method

12 Oct , 2012  

a finished PCB made with laminator and toner transfer

Quick, accurate, cheap and easy PCBs using the toner transfer method with the aid of a laminator and the ikea catalog.


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Mini voltmeters are awesome

8 Oct , 2012  

a tiny voltmeter from Hong Kong

These mini voltmeters are really tiny. One of them would be a great addition to any variable power supply project.


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20W Hong Kong led vs conventional lights

29 Oct , 2010  

20W led test rig

Today I tried a 20W Hong Kong led  I found on ebay. It’s a 20 watt model, theoretically capable of putting out 1100 lumens… Unbelievable! One single 10$ led can replace conventional room lighting. See the pics.


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MassiveLyrics: get all the lyrics for your iTunes library

19 Sep , 2010  

App Icon

Have you ever found yourself missing the lyrics for a song in your iPod, but you don’t want to go search and add lyrics manually to each song in your iTunes library? Then this is the app for you!


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Stepperino alpha version

20 Aug , 2010  

circuit mounted on breadboard

Stepperino is a stepper motor controller based on arduino and cheap, commonly available components. This early version is capable of controlling an unipolar stepper motor (5, 6 or 8 wires) in half step mode and is the first step towards more sophisticated control to be achieved in firmware. More…

iPod & iPhone

Wet iPhone dissection

11 Jul , 2010  

My iPhone has been doing great since 2007, and no matter which kind of  “essential” features apple threw out in newer models, I was still pretty happy with my 2G… until yesterday, when it accidentally fell out of my hands and was dropped into water! The phone is dead, but at least I can have the pleasure of taking it apart.



Setting up mt-daapd/firefly

4 Apr , 2010  

mt-daapd, aka firefly, allows to serve a music folder directly to any iTunes running in your home network. This is great to share music across the house or to keep a music dump folder aside from your main itunes library.


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