Hot Plate PID Controller

15 Aug , 2015  

Arduino PID Controller

Low and slow cooking requires precise control of temperature and time. Instead of having to do the controls manually, here’s a little electronics project to precisely achieve a preset temperature over the time: a Hot Plate PID Controller.




MassiveLyrics: get all the lyrics for your iTunes library

19 Sep , 2010  

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Have you ever found yourself missing the lyrics for a song in your iPod, but you don’t want to go search and add lyrics manually to each song in your iTunes library? Then this is the app for you!


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Coding,iPod & iPhone API ban workaround

4 Aug , 2009  

Lyrics can be fetched again from in spite of the ban of the API from major music producers. One more little victory of digital freedom!

Yesterday night I was so frustrated by my widget not working anymore that I had to find a solution. The workaround was very simple indeed: the lyrics pages have the author and the song title embedded in the URL of the page, with little or no difference from the previous REST method to access lyrics.

Check out the posts of the dashboard widget and the massive lyrics script for updates: I’m going to fix them soon so that they work again!



lyricwiki API shutdown

3 Aug , 2009  

Just as I was planning an update for my lyrics and scripts based on I ran across this annoying message inside my widget dadelyrics:

lyrics API banned! REST service has been banned!

I guess this will be the end of the project, unless I can find a similar service. I think however it will always be playing the rat and the mouse between the majors and who offers lyrics APIs.

Fortunately I could download all the lyrics in my iTunes library prior to this with my massive lyrics ruby script!

Well, it’s time to update the two posts removing the download of the programs that used the lyricwiki interface. Shame!

Let’s hope that new and brilliant services like the ones from lyricwiki won’t be censored anymore.

Coding,iPod & iPhone

Simple Lyrics Widget: dadelyrics

17 Jul , 2009  

a screenshot of the widget

a screenshot of the widget

I built a simple lyrics widget playing around with dashcode. I’m sure there could be many improvements on the concept, but I wanted something as simple as possible to have quick and dirty dashboard lyrics.

It displays the lyrics from the current track playing in iTunes, taking them from the lyrics field.

The Lightning button will see if there is no lyric content in the iTunes song. If it is so, it interrogates and add the lyrics to the iTunes track.

in order to use the widget you have to run these commands in the terminal.

sudo gem install rb-appscript
sudo gem install curb

To have all your songs with lyrics added automatically check out my massive lyrics update script! Have fun!