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Flash the original AT firmware on ESP8266

1 Dec , 2015  


How to flash the original Espressiv AT firmware on ESP8266. Besides restoring the factory state of the ESP8266 module, the AT firmware is used in conjunction with an external microcontroller to communicate over WiFi with simple serial line commands.  More…

Electronics,how to

Flash NodeMCU firmware to the ESP8266 on a Mac – Guide

30 Aug , 2015  

Flashing NodeMCU firmware to the ESP8266 modules is straightforward using nodemcu-flasher on Windows. On other platforms some command line tools have to be used. Here are my notes with steps to flash NodeMCU to ESP8266 on a Mac.



Hot Plate PID Controller

15 Aug , 2015  

Arduino PID Controller

Low and slow cooking requires precise control of temperature and time. Instead of having to do the controls manually, here’s a little electronics project to precisely achieve a preset temperature over the time: a Hot Plate PID Controller.




Make PCBs with toner transfer: the laminator method

12 Oct , 2012  

a finished PCB made with laminator and toner transfer

Quick, accurate, cheap and easy PCBs using the toner transfer method with the aid of a laminator and the ikea catalog.


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Stepperino alpha version

20 Aug , 2010  

circuit mounted on breadboard

Stepperino is a stepper motor controller based on arduino and cheap, commonly available components. This early version is capable of controlling an unipolar stepper motor (5, 6 or 8 wires) in half step mode and is the first step towards more sophisticated control to be achieved in firmware. More…


Night dive led flasher

13 Jul , 2008  

The light beacons for nocturnal scuba diving can get quite expensive if bought at the store. Here’s a much cheaper alternative using easy to find / junk parts.

the light flasher in action