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Flash the original AT firmware on ESP8266

1 Dec , 2015  


How to flash the original Espressiv AT firmware on ESP8266. Besides restoring the factory state of the ESP8266 module, the AT firmware is used in conjunction with an external microcontroller to communicate over WiFi with simple serial line commands.  More…

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MacBook Pro does not boot: steps to fix

23 Sep , 2015  

My MacBook Pro does not boot! Here are the steps that I used to fix it, as a note to myself and to all in the same unpleasant situation. More…

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Electronics,how to

Flash NodeMCU firmware to the ESP8266 on a Mac – Guide

30 Aug , 2015  

Flashing NodeMCU firmware to the ESP8266 modules is straightforward using nodemcu-flasher on Windows. On other platforms some command line tools have to be used. Here are my notes with steps to flash NodeMCU to ESP8266 on a Mac.


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root galaxy s3 on mac

21 Jul , 2013  

Android Download screen

This a quick way to root galaxy s3 on mac,tested with android 4.1.2 or better and with the international version of the phone.


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Convert books into PDF taking photos of pages

20 Oct , 2012  

an iPad is mounted for taking photos to convert a book into a searchable PDF

Convert books into PDF taking photos of pages and processing them into a searchable digital backup copy of  that you can take anywhere.


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