Setting up mt-daapd/firefly

4 Apr , 2010  

mt-daapd, aka firefly, allows to serve a music folder directly to any iTunes running in your home network. This is great to share music across the house or to keep a music dump folder aside from your main itunes library.


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Setting up Avahi

2 Apr , 2010  

Avahi advertises the shares made available by netatalk to macs in your home network via bonjour, so that connecting to the file server means just clicking on its icon. This is how to set it up.




Setting up netatalk

29 Mar , 2010  

Netatalk is an open implementation of the afp protocol, needed to serve files to mac computers. This is how I installed it on my home server.


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Enabling ssh access

22 Mar , 2010  

ssh enables remote terminal access to a linux box, and is the first step towards an headless machine. More…

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Setting up MDADM

20 Feb , 2010  

MDADM (multi disk admin) is the software implementation of RAID on linux. It can be used to take a bunch of disks and make them into a single, powerful drive. This leads to several advantages, depending on the raid configuration you choose to implement.


ATOM/ION nas home server

18 Feb , 2010  

The replacement motherboard for my home server has finally arrived! This is the ‘master’ post in which I’ll detail the configuration of the system, from software services to integration in the home network (MAC/WIN/LIN).

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