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MassiveLyrics: get all the lyrics for your iTunes library

19 Sep , 2010  

Have you ever found yourself missing the lyrics for a song in your iPod, but you don’t want to go search and add lyrics manually to each song in your iTunes library? Then this is the app for you!

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It can update the lyrics field in iTunes for the currently selected songs, automatically. The lyrics are fetched from the website, which has a pretty good library of songs, even though some of them have been obscured by a copyright claim.

This is a MAC only app, find here how to use it:

Step 1: select some songs in iTunes

iTunes Selection

Select some songs in iTunes. (you can use command-a to select all songs on screen)

Step 2: open MassiveLyrics and hit the Get button

Some lyrics retrieved in the app

The lyrics have been looked up


The app will start looking up songs on the internet. If the lyrics are not available it will be shown, otherwise you’ll see ‘lyrics found’

Step 3: push Write all found lyrics to iTunes to update the songs in your library

Just the songs in the ‘lyrics found’ state will be updated in your iTunes library. Song state will be updated to lyrics written.

Each of the previous three steps will take some time, depending on the size of the selection you’ve made. Please be patient while it loads

Step 4: enjoy!

You will find the newly added lyrics in the get-info dialog of your iTunes songs, under the lyrics tab, and next time you’ll sync your music player they will be copied and available also on the go.

Download MassiveLyrics v1.2

I have tested the app for some time on my mac, and it works fine.
However it is provided AS-IS and I cannot be held responsible for any damage it may make.
If you download lots of lyrics with this app, please consider buying me a coffee donating a small amount through the button in the app. Thank you!

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30 Responses

  1. Find the old ruby script to update lyrics into iTunes library here

  2. […] UPDATE (10/02/10): MassiveLyrics is a program, similar to GetLyrical, that retrieves lyrics from LyricsWiki. Its got a great UI, even better than GetLyrical’s, and works exceptionally fast.[…]

  3. ad says:

    its wonderful. thanks!a

  4. Windson Lins says:

    Just perfect! You simply select the songs you want to add lyrics to, then click the Get button! Works fine!

    1. […] L’applicazione in questione si chiama MassiveLyrics (scaricabile dal sito di È sviluppata molto bene, infatti in pochi passaggi si riescono ad ottenere risultati […]
  5. Chris says:

    Pretty good!

    One minor tweak which would work on tracks in my library is replacing curly apostrophes in the song names with straight apostrophes when doing the lookup.

  6. Giovanni says:

    finally… It was very difficult to find a perfectly working software. I searched for a long time. Many thanks, great job!

  7. dean says:

    dam man i need something for windows
    if i can find a windows one ill do a review on it

    • dade says:

      @dean: I don’t see a win version coming soon… porting cocoa to msvc++ can be daunting and as I see it it equals to re-coding the app from scratch. I don’t even have a windows computer right now :) If I get plenty of requests I will do it, but for now I will stick to mac, sorry. Also if someone knows an easy porting method let me know.

  8. Honkytonk says:

    …sorry, i cannot installed My Sys OS 10.5.8 not akzeptar

  9. Spodboy says:

    Many thanks, worked great. Got 50% of the songs on my library from this in 20 mins

  10. Kurtelborg says:

    Great app ! I’ve also been looking for this kind of application for a long time…
    One thing to improve would be the lyrics’ search on lyricswiki (or maybe it’s coming from the website’s search itself), I’ve tried for one song particularly and it gave a result or not if I change the name from : “Resign To Surrender”, to “Resign To Surrender ~ A New Age Dawns – part IV ~”, or “Resign To Surrender – A New Age Dawns – Part IV”. The application only found the lyrics for the last case.

  11. digimoral says:

    Pleeeease make a windows version!!!

  12. Tempest says:

    it doesn`t work for me. i click GET – and nothing happens!

    • dade says:

      @Tempest: You should first have some songs selected in iTunes window.
      Use command-a to select the whole library or playlist, or your mouse holding down command to select spare songs, THEN click get.
      Hope this helps :)

  13. Jonathan Jong says:

    Ooh, a version for Leopard would be VERY much appreciated. Gold! Well done, dade!

  14. Edan Maor says:

    Adding another hopeful request for a Windows version :)

  15. vimal says:

    would love a windows version please!

  16. mrphil says:

    awesome… just need LyricsWiki to improve its database now, but the majority of my songs were complete.. :)

  17. isaac says:

    I would definitely like a windows version too please. I’m not that familiar w ruby but I cn help in c++ and java if needed.

  18. jk says:

    I was really excited when I saw this program, and then really sad to see it doesn’t work with Leopard. Any idea on when the next release will be rolled out? Thanks for your hard work!

  19. Piter says:

    thx for your app…
    but there is an even better one.

    the name is tune instructor. got it here

    many functions to clean your itunes. search lyrics too.
    it has a very nice lyrics window which scrolls the lyrics automaticslly.

    check it. cheers

  20. Eddie says:

    Yeah make a windows version please!

  21. cerbery says:

    another voice yearning for a windows version.

  22. Liz says:

    The voice of another Windows user singing out in the desert… : {

  23. adrian says:

    why doesnt this work anymore? it was working beautifully couple months back…. please fix it :))

    thanks so much!

  24. Alexander says:


    read about your program and wanted to check it out. You are aware that the download link doesn’t work, anymore?

  25. phil says:

    Stopped working now after telling me I had downloaded 620 songs worth. Suggested I donate … I did, cos it has saved me loads of time and effort! But how can I get it to start working again?

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