MassiveLyrics: get all the lyrics for your iTunes library

19 Sep , 2010  

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Have you ever found yourself missing the lyrics for a song in your iPod, but you don’t want to go search and add lyrics manually to each song in your iTunes library? Then this is the app for you!


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iPod & iPhone

Offline webclips for the iPhone

21 Jun , 2008  

I did a lot of job interviews in Milan lately and I needed a way to have the subway map handy when I was in a hurry and with no wifi… so why not saving it on the iPhone for offline viewing? Here’s the map I want to use!

Milan subway system map

I knew that some hacks allowed reading PDFs on the iPhone offline, but that required having some bookmarks in safari both on the iPhone and on the Mac, or to mail it to yourself, but those methods aren’t so practical!

Instead it is possible to create handy offline webclips on your iPhone by using some simple steps!
A webclip is simply a web link with an icon that the iPhone puts among the icons in your springboard. In this tutorial we will create a webclip that instead does not connect to the internet, but displays your document right away! Let’s get started!

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