MassiveLyrics: get all the lyrics for your iTunes library

19 Sep , 2010  

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Have you ever found yourself missing the lyrics for a song in your iPod, but you don’t want to go search and add lyrics manually to each song in your iTunes library? Then this is the app for you!


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Setting up mt-daapd/firefly

4 Apr , 2010  

mt-daapd, aka firefly, allows to serve a music folder directly to any iTunes running in your home network. This is great to share music across the house or to keep a music dump folder aside from your main itunes library.


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Massive iTunes lyrics update

17 Jul , 2009  

UPDATE: since there were some problems with appscript and the whole ruby script method wasn’t that user-friendly, I’ve made an osx app to do the work. You can find it here

I recently found a fantastic website to get lyrics for songs:
No ads and plenty of lyrics available for free, even for italian artists or pretty unknown songs. I was also pleased to discover that the website offers an handy REST interface to fetch (or upload) lyrics from scripts update: I found a workaround to retrieve the lyrics without the banned lyricwiki API: read more here.

So I coded a script to fetch and update the lyrics for the selected songs in iTunes automatically. It cycles through all the selected songs and if it finds the lyrics on lyricwiki it puts them into the corresponding field of the iTunes track. I tested the script on my whole library and – after 5 minutes – most of my tracks had lyrics attached.

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